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Piano Music and Musicians in America

What is the value of music education in our children's lives?
Our East Coast Classical Piano Music Editor; Alexander Panku
The Amazing Fats Waller
Top local USA jazz pianists.
Music in India
Piano Teachers in America

Education Reform Includes Music


Education Articles

Restore the arts to the core of our children's education and curriculum
Why Does Music Beat Computers?
Music is the Solution, Not the Problem - Part 1
Music Is The Solution, Not the Problem - Part 2
What is the Purpose of Music in Education?
Purpose of a Public Education
Purpose of a College Education
Re - Educate the Politicians


Piano Quiz


1. If you calculate that the average car weighs 3000 pounds, what number of cars most accurately represents the tension in your piano, one car, two cars, four cars or twelve cars?

2. Piano tuners are descended by lineage from harpsichord tuners who had to adapt to their times. True or false?
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See about Thomas "Fats" Wright Waller 


The Piano Industry in America and Abroad

The History of the piano as presented by Renner Piano Action Company
The Trefz Piano Factory of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. One of the first piano rebuilding facilities in the world.
The Grand Piano Mechanism. See how it works!
Industry News
Top Piano Rebuilders in the USA 
Piano Makers of Significance
Latest Piano Trends
Piano Maintenance and Restoration Professionals

New Piano Tuning Blog

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Special Feature Commentary on Music in Our Children's Education

The magic bullet for education reform
By Colorado District 18's, Rep. Michael Merrifield




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Colorado Piano Buyers Guide
Routine Piano Maintenance Supplements
More on piano rebuilding
The History Of Piano Tuning
What's Wrong With My Piano?
Blog about pianos, tuning, maintenance, buying and selling, playing and listening to Classical and Jazz


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